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If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product, a products liability case can be filed against a variety of parties involved in the manufacturing and sale of the product, including the manufacturer of component parts, an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner. When a defective product causes an injury to a consumer of the product a products liability suit may be appropriate. Products generally are thought of as tangible personal property (automobiles, helicopters, airplanes, ladders, car seats, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, farm equipment, and household products and appliances). Products liability lawsuits, however, also have been based on natural gas, pets, real estate and maps.

In Vermont, a plaintiff in a products liability case must first prove that the product is defective. Product defect claims against a manufacturer or suppliers are based on design defects, manufacturing defects, and defects in marketing. Design defects exist before the product is manufactured. Manufacturing defects happen while the product is being constructed or produced. Marketing defects arise from improper instructions and failures to warn consumers about a dangerous aspect of the product. Proving that the product was defective often is the most difficult and important aspect of a products’ liability lawsuit.

At Meub Associates, we have represented individuals who have been injured as a result of an unsafe product that was designed, manufactured, sold, and/or furnished by a person or company. Our goal is to assist those injured individuals in bringing their claims and being fairly compensated for their injuries.

Among others, we have challenged manufacturers of tractors, cars, and industrial equipment, including an action involving a saw used in the making of plywood.

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