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Meub Associates, PLC

Dedicated to meeting the many different legal needs of people across Vermont.

Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) and the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Orders that have been issued in our region, we wanted to let you know that our team is still working and expect to remain fully operational during this unprecedented and trying times. Some of our team is working from home but will be available during normal office hours to assist our clients. Please call ahead to be sure someone can help you when you arrive.


A Mask is required if you are coming into the office and we will be practicing social distancing guidelines. If you have or have had any symptoms, please call to reschedule.

If you do not feel comfortable coming into the office and need to drop off documents or mail, please use the mail slot at our front entrance.  


Your health is important to us, we hope everyone is staying safe. We are following all guidelines to keep us as safe as we can while continuing to serve our clients’ needs.

Rutland Vermont

A Full-Service Law Firm Committed to Serving the Rutland, Vermont Community

Meub Associates is a full-service law firm located in Rutland, Vermont. We represent individuals, organizations and businesses throughout Vermont. Our firm uses a unique team approach so we can provide all of our clients with exceptional legal work and individual support. When you hire one of us, you get the benefit of our combined expertise and experience.

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Areas of Practice

At Meub Associates, PLC we can answer your questions and help you get the compensation you need for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

When you see a doctor, you have the right to expect that the doctor will treat your illness or injury to the best of his or her abilities.

At Meub Associates, PLC we work with you to support your business from creation to dissolution and everything in between.

The attorneys at Meub Associates, PLC have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate law.

Meub Associates, PLC assists clients in developing and implementing a comprehensive lifetime estate plan that carefully balances personal, legal and administrative concerns.

Meub Associates, PLC represents people, local businesses and schools in litigation. Litigation means any dispute that ends up in court, either in front of a judge or jury (or, in some cases, in arbitration).

We provide legal services involving construction in many areas. Our particular knowledge in the area of construction law helps us provide better advice, more efficiently.

Meub Associates, PLC represents public school districts as well as independent schools. We regularly advise and work with our school clients on all types of issues.

The best way to take control over your workers’ compensation claim is to work with a knowledgeable lawyer.

A Team Approach

A Legal Team That Knows Rutland, VT Best
Our team approach means that we are able to provide extra-ordinary service and support to each of our clients. We know how important it is to respond to emails and phone calls quickly, and to have someone available to answer your questions or deal with emergencies.

Our clients benefit greatly from our breadth of expertise. Our lawyers specialize in litigation, intellectual property, workers compensation, condominium law, estate planning, business formation, personal injury and more.

In addition to the support of our team of attorneys, you will also have the opportunity to work with our four extraordinary support staff. They have incredible skills and experience to complement the legal team and they are dedicated to helping make your experience at Meub & Associates a good one.

Meeting All Your Legal Needs

Once you become our client, we consider you a client for all of your legal needs. Because we work as a team, we are equipped to help you handle any new legal issue that might arise in your life. And if we can’t help you with something — we will help you find an attorney who can.

Find the Best Lawyer for Your Needs

When you call our offices at 802.747.0610 or complete our online contact form, one of our support staff will take down your information and connect you with the best attorney for your needs. That lawyer will then be in touch with you directly to assess your situation and discuss options for moving forward.

A Payment Plan That Works for You

Meub Assoicates has a wide variety of payment options available, depending on the type of services you need. During the initial consultation, we will discuss whether an hourly or contingent agreement is appropriate for your situation.

Our Commitment
to You & Your Case

At Meub Associates we believe a law firm should judge its success on its results and the satisfaction of its clients. Every day we strive to achieve outstanding results for our clients while upholding the highest levels of ethics and professionalism. For us, it is all about the people we serve. Our law firm represents individuals across Vermont with different backgrounds and different legal needs. Our commitment to service extends past our law firm’s doors. Each of our lawyers is involved and invested in our communities.

Our Core Values


We are proud of our work.


We do our best work as a team.


We are real, honest & transparent.


We treat our clients & each other with dignity & respect.


We dare to be non-conforming, different & a little weird.

Our Rutland Attorney Team