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Vermont Drunk Driver Accident Attorneys

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Everyone understands that drunk driving is an irresponsible, senseless act. The recklessness of drunk drivers has a very real human cost. Drunk driving accidents can cause serious injuries or even death to innocent people.

The criminal justice system holds drunk drivers accountable for breaking the law. If you were injured by a drunk driver, however, a criminal prosecution will not provide the financial resources you need for your injuries. A lawyer can bring a civil lawsuit for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

At Meub Associates, PLC, we stand up for people injured by drunk drivers. Based in Rutland and representing people across Vermont, our experienced attorneys can build a strong case for your damages.

Vermont DUI Accident Attorneys Locating All Responsible Parties

If you were hit by a drunk driver, your lawyer must find every potentially liable party. Vermont has a dram shop law. This law holds bars, restaurants and other establishments responsible for serving alcohol to a minor or someone who is obviously intoxicated. Vermont also has a social host law. Under this law, individuals who allow a minor to drink alcohol on their property could be liable for any damages the minor causes as a result of being intoxicated.

At Meub Associates, our Rutland drunk driver accident attorneys will act decisively and effectively when building your case. If necessary, we will also bring a claim for damages against the bar, restaurant or individual responsible for providing alcohol to the person who caused your injuries. We are tenacious, dynamic lawyers who will spare no effort in making the strongest possible case for your damages.​

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