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Vermont Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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Bicycling is a rigorous and environmentally friendly activity. Vermont’s hills and scenery make bicycling a very attractive choice. Most of our state’s roads are two lanes and have narrow shoulders. Some impatient drivers may make bad decisions when trying to pass bicyclists. When cars strike bikes or run them off the road, the bicyclist will nearly always sustain serious injuries.

Even when bicyclists wear helmets, they are at risk for suffering head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones or other serious injuries. A knowledgeable lawyer can be crucial in helping you get the financial resources you need to put your life back together. At Meub Associates, PLC, our Rutland bike accident attorneys have served people across Vermont.

Vermont Bicycle Accident Attorneys - We Help Cyclists Recover Full Damages

Our lawyers have talked to all types of bicyclists, from recreational cyclists who were hurt while getting some exercise to serious bicycle enthusiasts. We know that top-of-the-line bicycles and equipment can cost many thousands of dollars. If you have invested a lot of money in your bicycle, it can help to work with lawyers who are serious about recovering all of your damages. This means recovering financial compensation for your damaged bicycle in addition to your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

We understand that a serious injury can create a lot of turmoil and uncertainty in your life. At Meub Associates, we try to alleviate this stress, working closely with you from the beginning of your case to the end. We are aggressive advocates who work tirelessly to give you the best possible chance of achieving a positive outcome in your case.

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