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The attorneys at Meub Associates, PLC  have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate law.



We assist buyers and sellers throughout real estate transactions, from the initial contract to the closing. In fact, we are often involved beforehand, for example, when an owner is dealing with a brokerage contract or if there are problems that need correction before the property is listed for sale. After the contract is signed, our real estate attorneys assist in all phases of the deal including the buyer’s financing, title insurance and preparation of seller documents such as the deed and tax returns. Finally, we are right there at the closing to make sure all goes well — to the satisfaction of buyers and sellers alike.



We have widespread experience in real estate law as it pertains to various commercial property types including: apartment houses, shopping centers, retail stores, farms, mining operations, subdivisions, development, and many others. Each property type requires special attention to bring to a successful closing, such as complex permit issues. As real estate attorneys, we also help landlords and tenants with their special needs, including drafting the commercial (or residential) lease and, when necessary, in eviction proceedings.

Boundary Issues


Boundary disputes and easement conflicts can be difficult for property owners. The legal team at Meub & Associates is experienced in resolving these issues. We have many contacts in the surveyor community with whom we have worked successfully over the years. We seek agreement and compromise whenever there is a will between the parties; if there is not, we vigorously defend our client’s property rights, in court if necessary.

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