Business Law

At Meub Associates we work with you to support your business from creation to dissolution and everything in between. Our relationship with the local Rutland community combined with our experience with local organizations allows us to provide guidance to Vermont businesses of any size.

We provide counsel on all manners of business concerns including:

  • Choosing the Correct Entity for Your Business

  • Entity Formation

  • Operational Agreements

  • Governance Matters

  • Reorganizations

  • Acquisitions, Mergers, and Dispositions

  • Labor and Employment Issues

  • Dissolutions and Winding Down Procedures

  • Contract Disputes

  • Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property

Meub Associates assists and supports individual and organizations to help them protect their intellectual property or “IP” rights. Intellectual property includes art, inventions, literature, company names, and music, among other things.


Our attorneys will work with you to tailor the appropriate plan to protect your IP in a way that is in line with your objectives and risk level.


Our IP services include:

  • Trademark Selection, Clearance, and Registration

  • Copyright Registration

  • Trademark and Copyright Enforcement

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Registration Maintenance

  • Licensing

  • Proper Use and Notice Strategies

As our society continues to embrace the use of the Internet and technology, new and innovative techniques are needed to protect businesses. Cyber law or Internet law is used to manage risk and protect both businesses and individuals.

Our attorneys help businesses mitigate risks associated with cybersecurity, and protect their intellectual property rights related to cyber use. At Meub Associates, we also educate our clients about the ever-evolving laws and regulations related to Internet use.

Internet Law
Cannabis Law

Businesses and individuals who qualify under the Vermont medical marijuana program face unique challenges. With constantly changing state rules and regulations and a federal system that is in conflict with state laws, qualified patients, caregivers, and dispensaries need to be aware of the legal limitations that affect running their business including the creation and enforcement of their rights.


At Meub Associates, attorneys help qualified dispensaries navigate the intricate state and federal laws to ensure the business maintains their status as a qualified dispensary. We also provide counsel on the creation and protection of the business’s brand including strategies for seeking state or federal trademark protection.

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