School Law in Vermont

Meub & Associates represents public school districts as well as independent schools. We regularly advise and work with our school clients on all types of issues including:

Employment Issues

Employee discipline and termination, employee grievances and arbitrations, union issues, workers compensation, Family and Medical Leave Act, disability and discrimination claims, harassment and retaliation; employment policies and handbook/manual. Meub & Associates has also represented school districts before labor arbitrators involving employee discipline and termination.

Student Issues

Discipline, suspension, expulsion, criminal cases, FERPA, harassment, bullying, locker searches, privacy, and security.

Contract Work

Bidding procedures, negotiating and drafting contracts, and insurance issues.


The firm has represented school districts in arbitrations and trials involving employee discipline/termination, construction issues and collection cases. We also work closely with insurance counsel on cases where the insurance policy provides defense.

School Board

Open meeting law and school board procedures.

Labor Negotiations

Representation of school districts in labor negotiations with the NEA, AFCSME and other unions.

Municipal & State Law

Application of state and municipal law to schools and school districts.

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Call 802-747-0610 or send us a message to schedule your initial consultation. We accept all injury and workers' compensation claims on a contingent fee (no-recovery, no-fee) basis.

We provide free initial consultations in many kinds of cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, childhood sexual abuse, Monsanto Roundup cases, and some other claims. In all other cases, we will have a conversation with you and a written agreement before we send you a bill for our services

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