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The Workers' Compensation System

Injuries that happen at work are handled differently than all other personal injury cases. With a non-work related accident, you can only bring a claim if someone else is at fault for the injury. In the workers compensation system, any injury that happens at work, no matter who caused it, is covered by workmans comp.

All Vermont workers compensation claims are overseen by the Vermont Department of Labor. The Vermont Department of Labor writes all the Rules and ensures the laws and rules are followed. Most decisions made by the insurance company in any claim must be documented on Department of Labor Forms which the insurance company must submit to the Department of Labor. If there is any disagreement between the injured worker and the insurance company, the Department of Labor handles the disputes. Disputes are resolved first through an Informal Phone Conference with a "Specialist." If a party is unhappy after this stage, either party can ask for a Formal Hearing.

The amount of compensation that an injured worker will receive is much less than other personal injury claims. In the workers comp system, there are basically four categories of benefits (temporary lost wages, medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and permanent impairment compensation) , and that is all the injured worker gets. An injured worker does not receive any compensation for emotional distress, or pain and suffering, or for how the injury impacts their life.

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