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Amputation is defined as the severing of a body part. Every year over 156,000 people in the United States suffer from some kind of amputation, which range from the loss of a fingertip to the loss of an arm or a leg. Loss of a limb frequently results in significant blood loss, shock, infection, and even death. Amputations usually occur in the course of a traumatic injury:

  • Motorcycle, semi or automobile accident
  • factory or warehouse accident
  • Construction site accident
  • Airplane Accident
  • Boating Accident

Some amputations, however, are the result of non-traumatic circumstances, such as medical negligence, or the failure to the treat bed sores of a nursing home resident.

An amputation injury often causes a severe grief reaction in the victim and frequently results in depression. Not only is amputation traumatic, it can be extremely expensive. Artificial limbs "prosthesis" can cost as much as $70,000 and must be replaced every 2-5 years.

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